about the shop

 Look around our small shop here in Beaufort, North Carolina and you find traditional woodworking equipment and tooling, we do things by hand, using skills learned by experience, personally I learned much from my grandfather, father and the many old school tradesman that work with them through the years. You will now find a handful of highly knowledgeable, highly skilled, and highly talented and motivated men and women who have a passion for woodworking in our shop today hundreds of years of experience between them. Each piece of our furniture is made the way we were taught: one piece at a time. The result is a completely unique, heirloom quality piece of furniture.

The staff


Andy Birmingham

Andy’s love for building fine things, custom homes, fine architectural woodwork and furniture has been a focus of his family for 5 generations. His great-great grandfather built the Hamlet Train Station, now on the national register of historical buildings. His great grandfather was known for making Victorian millwork for fine homes around Anson County, North Carolina. Andy has a table in his office built of Victorian gingerbread his great grandfather made.

Andy’s grandfather was also a builder, and a lumber and millwork supplier. As a result of the great depression, Andy’s grandfather moved his family from Anson County to Durham, North Carolina seeking work. While George Birmingham Sr. was building in Durham and across eastern N.C., his sons went off to fight with the US NavySeabeesin WWII.

Upon their return, George Sr. and George Jr. went into business together. When George Sr. retired to focus on his second love of hunting and fishing, George Jr. worked in the triangle building many fine homes for some of the most notable residents of Durham & Chapel Hill. George Birmingham Jr. retired in 1986.

Andy then took the reins of the family business, continuing to build custom homes. In the 1990’s, Andy started his own millwork business, and continued building and providing fine millwork to his company and other builders, both residential and commercial. Andy’s millwork companies provided millwork to builders from the mountains to the coast. As we rolled into the 21st century, things were changing in many ways for all of us. Andy was divorced, and remarried a few years later to Dr. Sharon Eck. As they moved forward with their lives, along came the great recession, and Andy chose to cease building homes and focus on his millwork manufacturing business. His passions for creating quality products from wood lead him to transform his millwork company into The Beaufort Furniture Company. In 2019, the Birminghams made their final and complete move to Beaufort. You will find Andy & Sharon, and their dog Maile, in one of the 2 shops or stores or about town.


Meet Maile

Maile Birmingham, VP of Public Relations and Construction Supervisor of Beaufort Home and Furniture.

Maile has been on the job for 7 years with Andy and his wife, Sharon, as they have continued to build and craft the family’s business. All along the trail from Durham to the coast of Beaufort, Maile has continued to keep Andy and his crews in line at the shop and on the job site. You will often find her out and about greeting folks at the Home Store and making new friends
out on the town. Boss Dog and Shop Dog are two of the titles Maile wears with pride.